A Magical Book Between Books

I am capable of reading books while I read books. Because THAT’S necessary…. reading while you read. (*Enter XZIBIT: “Yo, dawg, I heard you like to read books. So we got you this thing that allows you to read books while you read books, so now you can read books while you read…”).

Enough. I have a problem. I am aware.

So the PROBLEM is, when I’m trying to get ANYTHING but reading done, I just end up reading again anyway. Maybe it’s a disorder? I don’t know, but I was looking to add more books to my reading list, and (Mind you, I’m still in the middle of reading Dust & Decay) and I came across this book called Skellig by David Almond. Then I thought to myself, “Hey, this would be a great one to read to the kids!” SO, I went ahead and bought it on my Kindle and read like HALF the book to them in one sitting. My five year old was thoroughly engrossed with it. We’ll probably read the other half at bedtime tonight.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a really quick read, this is the book for you. It starts out as a bit of a mystery (a kid finds a dude with WINGS in his garage…) and pretty much continues on from there. REALLY interesting, and REALLY hard to stop once you’ve started (as I said, we read HALF the book).

It’s not too long, and it reads really easily. So, if you don’t have a lot of time, but you still want to get away from reality and slip into a magical world for just an hour or maybe two, I suggest picking this book up and finishing it in one or two sittings. It won’t take you long and you will THOROUGHLY enjoy yourselves! 🙂

Now, excuse me, because I’m going to get back to Dust & Decay. And this time, no more interruptions!


Sash 😉

Dust & Decay

If you opened this book thinking you would be eased into anything after the traumatic events of Rot & Ruin, you were severely wrong.

I’m only 50 pages in and I’ve already had to stop so that I can come tell all of you this: Be prepared. (Like on the Lion King when Scar is singing.. “be prepaaarrreedd….” okay, enough.)

Seriously. To put it exactly how it is, sh** hits the fan EARLY ON in this book. You would think the author would be like “oh, hey how about I give my characters a break now?”


He doesn’t. But you know what? That’s exactly what I love about these books. They never quit, they never slow down and they keep you turning those pages until you’re family is banging at your door, intervention letters in hand…(“Sash, we’re here because we love you… we think you have a reading problem…”).

Full of action, and as always, full of heart, the book is great right from the start, and also makes you crave a very large slice of apple pie.

So, with that I leave you. I’m off to get me a giant piece of pie and sit back down with this book.


Favorites, Anyone?

What is your favorite series of all time? What story is stuck with you and is written on your very soul? Which one was REAL?

I can tell you right now, that I don’t have ONE… I have SEVERAL. It’s nearly IMPOSSIBLE to pick JUST one book or one series.


However, I do have one specifically in mind right now and that is Harry Potter.

NOW… I know that a lot of people might think this cliche and just playing into a fandom BUT…. simply NOT the case guys, okay?

Hear me out…

This story is SO well thought out that it’s almost REAL. J.K Rowling has wove lives into each individual character, down to the ones that are merely cameos. Every character lives a real life and has real quirks, traits, genes, DNA, and faults. They have real charisma and spunk. They have TRUE hardships and triumphs.

If you’re around my age (25) you grew up with Harry. You received that letter at the age of 11 and you rode the Hogwarts Express to the school for the first time. In year two, we all discovered The Chamber of Secrets and fought the basilisk as well as discovered a little bit more insight into who He Who Must Not Be Named really was. In year three, we feared for Harry… Sirius Black had escaped from Azkaban…and then we discovered that Sirius was actually family… and we grew to love him as Harry did… we were all defeated inside when Harry came to the realization that he would have to go back to the Dursley’s and he couldn’t be a part of Sirius’s world…In year four we all celebrated the Yule Ball and the Triwizard Tournament and then we were torn apart by our first loss…. Cedric Diggory wasn’t a main  character but the loss was still there all the same.  Cedric’s father mourned the death of his son and it pulled on all  of our heart strings. This character was alive and he had just lost his son. Year five was hard…the books take a turn into the dark. Every move becomes crucial since the Dark Lord has risen… and then we lose Sirius, Harry’s only hope for a good life, with family who cares. Book six escalates for an impending war. We lose so many…and we find out that not all characters are who we think they are.

I remember being 17 and getting my first paycheck from my summer job the day before book seven came out. The next day the first thing I bought was The Deathly Hallows. It took me 4 days to read. It was the conclusion to a story I had followed for six years of my life. As real life went on, so did the lives of those characters in those books. It was almost like living a double life. You live your life and then you fall into the lives of these characters in the book. Characters who have personalities. Characters who feel. J.K Rowling poured her entire soul into these books. The details were so intricate that it made you feel like these characters had lived through this. Upon finishing the book, my heart was broken and as absurd as it may sound, a fragment of my heart died with each character…

I don’t know if there’s still anyone out there who hasn’t read Harry Potter, but you are TRULY missing out. And if there’s anyone who doesn’t enjoy it, then I invite you to look at it in a different light. To fall into the story and let the lives of these witches and wizards fill your hearts. Make them your friends, make them your family… and journey with them through each hardship and each victory.

When you reach the end, you feel as if your friends have left you to finish the remainder of their lives elsewhere.

If, however you feel like you need to know more information about these characters and their histories, you can find EXTRA details on Pottermore.com. J.K. Rowling herself provides MANY wonderful things there… and I HIGHLY encourage checking it out.

On another note, I want to let you all know that I haven’t forgotten about Rot & Ruin, I’m still reading it and I’m almost to the end. Things have gotten BEYOND intense in this book, and, like Harry Potter, it’s taken a piece of me with it with each fallen character. And if that still isn’t enough for you, there’s also, The Tales of Beedle the Bard, The Monster Book of Monsters, as well as a whole MESS of Harry Potter spellbooks and more!

Comments! 🙂


Your Heart Will Backflip!

Some of the BEST quotes EVER were in this book series (The Selection) and I want to make it a POINT to share them here.

DON’T WORRY, I won’t ruin anything for anyone. It’ll just be the quote, no names, no explanation.

-“Break my heart. Break it a thousand times. It was only ever yours to break anyway.”

-“Without you my life would exist, but that’s all it would manage to do.”

-“You are not the world but you are everything that makes the world good.”

-“This is what it’s like; this is how it feels when you fall.”

-“I’ve always imagined that real homes are full of the aromas of whatever’s being cooked.”

-“This letter has gotten foolish, and I think you know how I detest looking like a fool. But still I do. For you.”

-“Where I used to imagine you as a girl with a bag full of stones, ready to throw at any foe who crossed her path, you have become the stone itself. You are steady and able.”

Now sit back, and just…. *sigh*…



Please Welcome, Her Majesty, The Queen…

I just three books in a series in a matter of ONE week. The Series was The Selection. The books were: The Selection, The Elite, and The One. It’s a love story, it’s a fairytale, but it’s so SO much more. It’s not your typical princess, rags to riches story. This one has a twist.

Seriously, I couldn’t put these down and now my boyfriend thinks that I forgot about him and I’ve replaced him with books. 😉

Imagine we’re in the future. The United States of America is no longer United as equals, but they are separated by castes. And they are no longer the U.S. they are now Illéa. And there is no democracy there is a monarchy. You stick to your caste and if you’re lucky, you marry out of it and you marry up. Marry down is nearly unheard of and then, there’s The Selection. What would “Future America” be without a reality TV show? A reality TV show, comparable to The Bachelor but the prize isn’t just any bachelor, the prize is the Prince’s hand in marriage.

But what if you didn’t want to enter The Selection for the Prince’s hand, what if you did it for money? What if your true love wasn’t some lavish rich politician, but someone who was a caste below you? Someone you could never afford to marry because both of your castes were too low to afford any kind of wedding?

Meet America Singer. A girl in love with impossibility. America doesn’t want the prince, she wants the extra money for her family. She wants her little siblings to have enough to eat and she wants to sleep on a full stomach for once. She knows it’s not love she’s here for, but food and stability.

This series is more than just a love story. It’s a story about one girl’s small dream to change. Not only to change herself, but to change her world, her family’s world, and the world of her country. Entangled in this romance novel is America’s devotion to her country, devotion to her family, and in the midst of it all, her journey to find herself.

You’ll want to keep reading. You’ll want to throw this book. You’ll want to cry. You won’t be able to put it down for the last few chapters and most of all, you’ll fall in love with each and every character, even the ones you don’t think you will. You will fall for these characters and you will mourn them in death.

I have a tendency for predicting endings, but I must say, toward the end of this series, I was lost. I thought I had a clear direction of where it was heading and then all of the sudden I was lost in the gunfire and mayhem. It didn’t end like I expected it to, and it will keep you guessing until the very last page.

The BEST part about this whole thing is, there’s ANOTHER book to be released May 5, that I am ABSOLUTELY going to buy IMMEDIATELY and READ in a matter of hours, probably. It’s called The Heir and you can pre-order it here. I know I will 🙂

I will be back later today. I’m moving straight on to the second Rot & Ruin book, Dust & Decay.


The Great Rot & Ruin

This book was AMAZING.

I just finished it and had to come share my experience RIGHT away.

It is in NO way what I thought it would be. I had an idea of what it would be about, and I could NOT have been more wrong. I’m glad I was wrong though. The storyline I had dreamed up in my head was no where NEAR as DEEP and more heartfelt than the story that I just put down. The world in ruin is one thing, but the emotions and fears that go with GROWING UP in a post-apocalyptic world is another. Imagine never even knowing this life and only ever knowing life in a zombie infested world.

Being a teenager is tough, it’s even tougher when 3/4 of the world’s population are zombies. Constant fear. Constantly on guard. Living in gated communities. And worst of all, learning that true evil isn’t always the monsters lurking outside the gates… but the people living in your own community.

Rot & Ruin goes deep into the heart of Benny Imura, his brother Tom, and their band of friends as they discover the true horrors of the world lie in the lawless Ruin that is outside the fence. And their terror when those horrors are inside the fence as well.

Seriously guys, go get his book and read it. And then maybe cry a little at the end because this story will LEGITIMATELY rip your heart out and throw it on the floor and possibly stomp on it a little. It’s nuts. But when you’ve finished your grieving you can move right into book two, which I can only imagine will be just as good, if not better than the first one.

One thing I ESPECIALLY liked about this book was the different take that it had on zombies. Yes, they’re still mindless flesh eaters, BUT the author invites you to look at them not as monsters .. but as creatures who were once people. People who once had lives and families. People were once good… who once held jobs. And cutting them down and disrespecting them is almost like disrespecting the dead…

I thought the author did an AWESOME job. I hadn’t ever thought to think of zombies in that way, but now that I have, it makes more sense than any zombie movie. It isn’t really the person, it’s a disease that takes them and turns them into what they are. They didn’t ask for it to happen but it happens and instead of slaughters hoards, simply put them down and give their family the closure needed when a loved one passes on.

All in all… this book makes you think and you won’t want to put it down. It’s FULL of action and suspense and you’ll want to turn page after page to see what the end result will be. A lawless world is an unpredictable one, and no one is safe…

Comments!!! 😀


Wow, Wow, and WOW!

I didn’t think it would go this way. This book…

For those of you just tuning in, you can head over to the “My Active Journey” section and check out what I’m currently reading and why. For those of you following this blog, I think you’ll LOVE this book.

That being said, Rot & Ruin is NOT what I expected AT ALL. I dove into this book head first with no idea what it was really about. Twenty pages in, I was HOOKED, over 100 pages in and I can NOT put this book down.

The book is broken up into parts, I’ve recently made it through part 1. When you get to the end of part 1 is when things start to get REALLY deep. I went into this thinking this book was going to be totally about zombie killing first hand action… and I wasn’t totally wrong, but there’s so much more…

This book gets very deep. It really puts you into  this post-apocalyptic world. Not just as someone who had survived the zombie apocalypse, but this story tells the heart-wrenching story of a young boy who has known nothing BUT the post-apocalypse. This book gives us a look at the world of a child who only knows walls and zombies… who only knows survival…and who is struggling to connect with an older brother who remembers how life was before.

They couldn’t be more different but their story is the same. After ending part 1 of this book I had to put the book down and call Ry to discuss it. You don’t see it coming, you can’t see what direction the book is going, but when it gets there it LITERALLY leaves your soul in pieces.

I HIGHLY recommend picking this book up and reading it NOW. You WILL NOT be disappointed… and trust the cover when it says “This book is full of heart…” because it REALLY is…

As always, comment below and I’ll be back soon! 🙂


So, Since I’m Reading It…

I just picked up the book Rot & Ruin by Jonathan Maberry and now I can’t even put it down.

How I came by this book…

So my best friend comes to town and usually when she comes to town she brings me presents from back home, usually  in the form of books, my most favorite thing ever! This time she brings me THREE books… THREE. WHOLE. BOOKS. They are Rot & Ruin, Dust & Decay, and Flesh & Bone. (There is one more book in this series called Fire & Ash, but I don’t own that one, YET!)

It’s pretty much your typical coming-of-age story… a fifteen year old boy… growing up, raised by his big brother whom everyone loves but who he thinks is a total loser and he has typical teenage boy problems like crushes and high school and…. oh … you know the world outside  his fenced in community is completely overrun with zombies…

That’s right… Typical teenage problems meets the zombie apocalypse. Can life even GET worse?!

I will tell you right now… I am 7 chapters into this book and I’m having a hard time forcing myself to take a break and write this blog right now, SERIOUSLY, GET THIS BOOK! It’s SO addicting. It pulls you in from the very beginning.

So far Benny Imura (our lovely main character) is having problems dealing with his OH so boring older brother Tom… but there’s something there… something bigger, you can just tell  that something bigger is about to happen in this book…. something that is DEFINITELY worth reading! Pick. This. Book. Up. Now. You won’t regret it!

I’m going to go back to reading now, friends. :)


Okay, So I’m Impulsive…

Hey guys,

So I was all set on reading this series straight through… The Dark Tower Series, right? Right.. Okay, AND THEN my best friend Ry comes to visit and she knows me.. and she knows books… and she gives me this series… called Rot & Ruin and it’s by Jonathan Maberry. I. Fell. In. Love.

Anyway, the cover of these books alone just GRABBED me and pulled me into them. I read about 20 pages just to see if I was into it and … AHHH they’re AMAZING!!!

I’ll DEFINITELY be updated my progress through book one!

Go check out “My Active Journey”, there’s a FULL update on how much I’ve enjoyed the first 7 chapters.

Kay, I’m gonna go read now. I’ll definitely keep you updated on this one though, it’s going to be INTENSE (in TENTS!) I can tell !


Book 2?!

So, for those of you who don’t know, I WAS reading The Gunslinger. Well, I finished it last night. Simply could not  put the thing down. Stayed up til about 3:00 a.m. finishing it up and was NOT disappointed!

So far book one was based around 3 main characters, and I’ve heard there are more characters to come into play once Roland gets his “ka-tet” together. I HIGHLY recommend getting your hands on this book and reading it, and I’m sure once you’ve read the first one, you’ll just HAVE to read them all, right?  I NEED to get my hands on the second book. Luckily I have an Amazon Kindle so that makes things pretty instant when you want to read a book you don’t actually own RIGHT NOW! LOL.

So, in book one we meet Roland, Jake, and this ominous figure known as The Man in Black (haa, like Men in Black?…. No… not like Men in Black). It’s a little unclear as to how Jake actually came to Mid-World… I mean it’s explained but I didn’t fully understand it so I may re-read that part, unless one of you out there wants to leave me a comment and help me out here?

Anyway, so Roland and Jake make their way through the Mohaine Desert on the not-so-elusive trail of The Man in Black and I feel like the whole first book was just setting up for something big to happen. There was a lot of backstory for Roland and Jake in this book and I feel like this brings us closer to the character. I like to get to know my characters on a personal level so I can feel a real connection with them. And then usually the author goes and does something really extreme and I’m left, heartbroken at the end of another book…. *sigh*

So, without further ado, please, go read The Gunslinger and I’ll be back later with how book 2 is going. 🙂